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August 10, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 10, 2012, 4:05 AM
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke

EDIT: I may be slightly less active until mid-ish september as I am going home. Hopefully I'll have lots more art to show, I'll try to keep up with messages on my phone and home internet, I just many be slower than usual :D

I am having a bit of a Batman attack at the moment.

Also I came joint first place in :iconsevslover6195: 's contest :faint: I am so honored!

If you can spare a moment of your time please read this OPERATION DONATION - FROM BAD TO WORSEWhile we are past the point of no return, we are having to give up most of our furniture to move and losing a lot of the things we have accumulated over time. We are trying to sale our bookshelves, reclining love seat, mechanics tool chest and tools, giving away a lot of my wolf stuff and books, losing our washer and dryer, refrigerator, desks and office chairs, TV, sold my PSP system and games and anything else we can make due without. We will have to leave with only what will fit in both Broncos (one towing the other) and in the trunk of my Police Car.
While we have received about $70 in donations; which has helped, it's no where near enough with the load of BS that has come down on us in the last 4-7 days. We won't be able to use a u-haul, and the white bronco (Dutchess) came back with a list of repairs totaling over $4,500. Just to get her where we -think- she'll survive the trip, will cost us almost $700. My shot was jacked up in price and we didn't know until we got there and wit
and see if you can help.

It's my partner's Grandfather's birthday today, so we're going to see him later :la:

I'm doing some cheap commissions if anyone is interested: Commissions!Currently Closed! 
Point Commissions
I’d like some points for contests and to give to deviants that deserve it, so I thought I’d better try to work for them!
Please note or comment me if you would like one and say what you want :)
First come, first served, unless you would like to pay an extra 2 points to make sure it is completed by a certain date and time. I will let you know once the piece is finished, and I will request payment, then I will post the piece on DA once I have received the points. I will only ask for the points once it is finished. If you have any questions, please ask! :)
You can obviously do what you want with your commission and are free to use it outside of DA, (but just don’t claim that you drew it ^^; )
Recommending me to a friend is also rewarded, if you commission me and then a friend* of yours does to and they quote your name to me (you need to confirm this in a note) then they get 2 points of their commission and you get 2 points off a

I'm also going back to London on the 16th (YAH!) so I'll hopefully get lots more art done, though my interenet isn't great so I may take a while to get back to you. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer time!

Look at the amazing work! :faint:

Bane by Punch-line-designs READY TO RUMBLE by Tilllemann Catwoman: The Dark Knight Rises by Graymalkin2112 Bane TDKR Paper Toy by papertoyadventures Batman versus Joker by myconius Joker Profile by AlexWorks Wanna know how I got these scars? by christie174 Bane Vs Batman by The-Prez Endless smile by PeppermintBat a quick sketch of the joker by Rikke1995 Dark Knight (Colored) by zuldima Batman Black and White by Vail-Akatosh Joker make up by Deathstroke19 Rise - The Dark Knight Nouveau by musashimixinq nananananananananananananananananananananananana by nebezial .:Drown in You:. by Hedgey Batman by skeel76 Batman color by Granamir30 Batman: Year One by myconius Harley Quinn - Joker's Right Hand by MattFriesen The Dark Knight Rises by Tazz13666 Batman and Spider man hanging around. by skeel76 Bruce Wayne by Itabia :thumb319338399: Catwoman's Cronies by DeadlyLampshley :thumb306341009: BANE !!! by cantas78 The Dark Knight Legend by Yorshy Batman The Dark Knight Rises by arskuma Gotham's Reckoning by Onabi {Robin} by Zakuani Me and Mini Mr. J by paintbrushofjustice Joker by Mad-Hatter----X this is my card by Mad-Hatter----X Batman the Dark knight by Mad-Hatter----X Harley Quinn by SpencerPlatt Sassy Crane is sassy by pinkwater1211 Start Wearing Purple by J5ALl53VRY Harley Quinn Cosplay : Adam Hughes by Thecrystalshoe :thumb319349837: Catwoman by Feyjane Why do we fall, Bruce? by Tabbytooner Uh-oh!! by SixGunslinger Batman by Asakura110 Batman//Joker by MaxGrecke batman by sherrill018 Batman: Hush Unwrapped by myconius The Dark Knight by sherrill018 :thumb319382744: ES BLUEMHMT SO GRUEN WENN SPANIENS BLUETEN BLUEHN by pampelmusel BATMAN:Arkham Asylum work in progress#1 (zoom) by GabrielArtist The Doctor's Are In by sirose Aren't You Scared by Starjuice Scarecrow - Johny Crane by TerylSG Fear is Power by wisemantonofski :thumb315181123: Death or Exile? by Danielle-chan Nightwing: This is my city, everything concerns me by SoCoPhDPepper High Fashion Poison Ivy by Gisele Bundchen by tomzj1 Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Full) by SpideyVille Baman vs Bane PSC by johnnyism Introduce a little anarchy by MayamitY :thumb317022179: :thumb316896911: I'm Not a Monster... by KaytlynES Is It Really Funny? by Carancerth Poison Ivy by brianmiroglio :thumb317525542: The Dark Knight Rises by iamthelegion :thumb317126815: The Last Super-Hero by iamthelegion Gotham's Legend by Sno2 Batman by ramennnoodles1 When Gotham is ashes... by staroksi :thumb317659422: Batman by ctgarrett92 IRRESISTIBLE INSANITY by AnyaUribe The Dark Knight by chetom Poison Ivy by birdblinder Adventure Time - Batman Mash Up by Dave-Acosta Batman Arkham City by nick-tyrrell Little Dark Knight by shamserg Batman Birdhouse by fairybomb56 :thumb318574834: Bane: Dark Knight Rises by Graymalkin2112 Killer Croc by MalevolentMask Anne Hathaway as Catwoman by MartaDeWinter Harley Quinn by isintokol Shoot to Thrill by werez :thumb272628047: :thumb272504319: :thumb272143886: Your entrance was good, his was better... by werez No Funny Fishy by werez :thumb269362433: :thumb269179982: :thumb269179716: :thumb269179774: :thumb269179892: Justify by werez  There is no Crane... only Scarecrow by Deathstroke19 Nothing to Fear by TimelessUnknown Eat Fear by rasuto-kun Your Sweet Hysteria by rasuto-kun Doctor and Nurse by WAYf Dr. Crane AKA Scarecrow by Mutchka plush: Batman - Jonathan Crane by rotten-apples Apprehension by loonylucifer A Tip of the Hat by rasuto-kun Doctor Crane by JeffyP Dr. Jonathan Crane by KumoNoAlchemist Dr. Scarecrow by loonylucifer Master of Fear by Esuerc

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